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Important dates

Abstract submission open: 1 August 2023
Abstract submission deadline: 1 November 2023
Notification of abstract acceptance: 21 December 2023
Paper submission deadline: 18 February 2024
Paper acceptance notification: 6 March 2024
Submission of final manuscripts:  10 March 2024
Early registration deadline: 25 March 2024

Eurotherm prize 2024

  • qxio-playAbstract submission open: 1 August 2023
  • qxio-playAbstract submission deadline: 1 October 2023
  • qxio-playNotification of abstract acceptance: 1 November 2023
  • qxio-playPaper submission deadline: 1 January 2024
  • qxio-playPaper acceptance notification: 1 February 2024
  • qxio-playSubmission of final manuscripts: 15 February 2024
  • qxio-playEarly registration deadline: 1 March 2024


The 9th edition of the European Thermal Sciences Conference is organized under the auspices of the EUROTHERM Committee and hosted by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. It will be held at Bled, Slovenia. Previous conferences were held in Birmingham (1992), Rome (1996), Heidelberg (2000), Birmingham (2004), Eindhoven (2008), Poitiers (2012), Krakow (2016) and Lisbon (2020).

EUROTHERM is a non-profit organization that consists of and is represented by the EUROTHERM Committee. The EUROTHERM Committee was formed in Brussels on 16 October 1986, following an initiative taken at the 8th International Heat Transfer Conference in San Francisco earlier that year. The aim of EUROTHERM is to promote and foster European cooperation in Thermal Sciences and Heat Transfer by gathering together scientists and engineers working in specialized areas.

The EUROTHERM Committee develops the following activities:

  • Organization of seminars in the field of Thermal Sciences and Heat Transfer;
  • Organization of a European Thermal Sciences Conference every four years;
  • Liaison with the EU on thermal sciences and energy related topics, and stimulation of participation of EU programmes through network function of EUROTHERM;
  • Contacts and cooperation between the different national bodies on thermal sciences.
  • Stimulation of young heat transfer scientists by the EUROTHERM Young Scientist Prizes.

Aim and Scope

  • The EUROTHERM 2024 conference aims to provide a forum for exposing and exchanging ideas, methods and results in heat transfer, fluid flow and thermodynamics.
  • To promote and encourage European and global cooperation by bringing together scientists and engineers from academia and industry.

Conference topics include


•    Adsorption and desorption
•    Boiling and condensation
•    Combustion
•    Computational/numerical methods
•    Conduction 
•    Convection 
•    Electrochemical transport
•    Evaporation
•    Mass transfer and drying
•    Measurement techniques
•    Melting and solidification
•    MHD and plasmas
•    Micro/Nano-scale heat transfer
•    Molecular transport
•    Multiscale modelling
•    Porous media 
•    Thermal radiation 
•    Thermophysical properties
•    Turbulent transport
•    Two-phase/multiphase flows


•    Aerospace and aeronautics technology
•    Bioheat transfer
•    Biomedical engineering 
•    Cryogenics
•    Electronic cooling
•    Energy engineering
•    Environmental applications
•    Fires
•    Heat and mass transfer education
•    Heat exchangers
•    Heat transfer in buildings
•    Inverse problems
•    Manufacturing processes
•    Materials processing
•    Micro-electro-mechanical systems
•    Miniaturized systems for chemistry and life sciences
•    Miscellaneous
•    Nanotechnology
•    Nuclear energy
•    Optimization in heat and mass transfer


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